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It’s a shame none of the bands or venues in the Wichita area are using this free site. If you didn’t know, this is a free service. It only takes a few minutes to list your gig here after you are already signed up.

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Kenny Chesney at Arrowhead Stadium

Wow, if you haven’t ever gone to see Kenny in concert, you should. It is an unbelievable good time! There were so many people there. It was Saturday, August 1st  and the lineup was:

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Four good rules for Social Media

Over at Bobby Owsinski’s blog Music 3.0 , he has a very simple and I believe accurate 4 basic rules to using Social Media.

The article is really for Bands and self promotion, but can be applied to personal use as well.

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Styx at Kansas Star Casino

Styx rocked the house at Ks Star Casino Saturday March 21st. It was really great! There was no opening act and the mix was really good. They put on a good show, playing all their hits. I have seen them at lease 6 times, and they never disappoint.  Read more to see the video.

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Free Live Music at Kansas Star Casino

Lately, the Kansas Star Casino has been bringing in some great acts to their Rotunda area. That is the open area at the east end of the casino. The accoustics are terrible there, but the acts are fun. If you go on Friday’s, the drinks are cheap. You can check out the lineup on their web page Kansas Star Rotunda.

Band Rehearsal Tips

Over on Bobby Owsinski’s ‘Big Picture’ Blog, he had a great entry about improving your band rehearsals. I think he has a lot of great points. There is no point in me re-listing them here. You can read his entry here. I suggest reading his blog daily. Lots of good stuff there.

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